Premium Harvesting Shear – Straight Blade

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The Harvest Company’s Premium Harvesting Shears are made of high-quality Japanese carbon steel and were designed as an all-purpose harvesting and pruning shear that is a great addition to your gardening tools collection. The blades feature hard chrome plating and are polished extra smooth to prevent unnecessary damage to your plants while cutting. The coated handles give you a solid, non-slip grip and feature an easy-to-use locking mechanism.

Maximize Your Harvest! Preserve Flavor and Quality, Increase Shelf Life!

  • Made in Japan
  • Hard Chrome Plated, Japanese Carbon Steel Blades
  • Non-Slip Handles
  • Blade Length: 2.28” (58mm)
  • Overall Length: 7.87” (200mm)
  • Blade Composition: High-quality Japanese Carbon Steel with Hard Chrome Plating