Char Coir Coco Coin, 78 pcs

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The Coco Coin is a compressed, 100% coco coir propagation plug for seeds, clones, and cuttings. The Coco Coin is specifically designed to be a fast-rooting starter plug with a high pith ratio and fast-drying properties giving you explosive root growth. Just hydrate with your desired nutrient solution.

Once rooted, The Coco Coin can easily be planted into all CharCoir products depending on your specific needs. The Coco Coin is made of the highest quality coco and goes through the same rigorous protocols as all of CharCoir’s industry trusted products.

  • 100% RHP Certified CocoCoir
  • Buffered
  • Pre-Drilled Holes for Seeds & Clones
  • Wrap Around Paper for Cleaner Growing
  • Fast Rooting with Explosive Root Growth
  • pH Stable
  • Low EC
  • Triple Washed to Remove Salts
  • Full Pallet: 54 Cases
  • Half Pallet: 27 Cases
  • 2,106 Units per Case
  • 27 Master Packs per Case
  • 78 Units per Master Pack