Power Si Control

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Insect Control is an all-in-one broad-spectrum biopesticide.

When developing Insect Control, we focused a lot on getting the dilution rates very concentrated. Insect Control’s dilutions are only 5 mL/gal for prevention and 10 mL/gal FOR TREATMENT.

Insect Control will not draw the moisture out of your plants like a lot of products currently on the market. It is safe to apply daily and will not interfere with plant growth and development.

We are always working to make sure our products are versatile and unique. We have surfactants built into the bottle.

Insect Control can also be used before or after sulfur applications unlike many competitive products.

Insect Control offers a very low cost-per-mixed-gallon compared to other IPM products.

  • Broad-spectrum Biopesticide
  • Highly-concentrated
  • Very Low Cost-per-mixed-gallon
  • Natural & Fast Acting
  • Will Not Draw Moisture Out Of Plants
  • Built-in Surfactants
  • Can Be Used As A Foliar Or Root Drench
  • Can Be Used Before/after Sulfur Unlike Competitors


  • Thyme Oil 5%
  • Peppermint Oil 5%
  • Cinnamon Oil 5%


  • Water, Vitamin E, Soap 85%